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"New website called to make preparing for your trip even easier. The site enables you to put in a location and instantly..." Full article

Kosher Spitit Magazine Fall 2017

"While I am purist and dislike GPS systems and favor usage of maps and compass- someone alerted me to this wonderful service for your GPS- I understand I am somewhat of a technophobe and old school snob- and I also understand that due to societies laziness and unwillingness to learn how to read maps and books the onslaught is inevitable.

With that said there is a site which has 1000 kosher restaurant locations along with locations of minyanim around the US. These files are available for download from this site for a fee of $18- not bad at all- if you sold out and bought one of these devices. Click Here for the site."

Posted by frumbutwithit on April 2nd, 2007

"GPS users Glatt Restaurants and Minyanim found site with over 1000 glatt kosher restaurants and over 2000 orthodox minyanim all over USA and Canada." Bulletin Board for Torah Jewish Communities

"Keep kosher? Travel a lot? Find it frustrating when you're in a new town, feeling famished (and farmisht), and haven't the slightest idea where the closest Glatt Kosher eatery is? Have I got a pre-Hanukkah gift for you. Yitzie Katz, a food lovin' Orthodox Jew from Queens, has launched Kosher Restaurants GPS. The idea..." Full article on November 6th, 2007

"Parked outside W. 36th St. kosher hangout Jerusalem Café, the software developer noticed his car’s navigation system didn’t recognize the restaurant existed. Worse, he learned, “even if you used a GPS hardware device under the ‘kosher’ setting, not all the places listed were indeed kosher..." Full article

The Forward on April 8th, 2013

My 5 Favorite Smart Phone Apps: The developer of Kosher GPS reached out to me a while back to check out his app. I thought, “Meh, nice idea, but I live in Kansas City, what do I need it for?” Well, if you already know all .5 kosher establishments in your city, you probably don’t need Kosher GPS. But if you’ll be traveling... Full article

Kosher on a Budget on December 4, 2012