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Welcome to KosherDerech.com

Kosher Derech helps the Jewish traveler find the things that matter most as you plan your trip. You can easily search and find everything a kosher traveler needs when traveling within the USA, Canada, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, and England.

Kosher Derech will also help you find popular tourist attractions as well as hotels in the area you’re searching. To do this, simply put in the zip code or city, state of the location you wish to visit. We encourage you to return to the site and leave comments about your trip.

Kosher Derech is partnered with Kosher GPS, the #1 smart phone app that finds glatt kosher food locations and mikvahs. The Kosher GPS app also includes participating restaurants that give users free discounts just by showing the highlighted discount from the app when you place an order. GoDaven is providing the data for all your davening locations and times.

DISCLAIMER: It is up to the consumer to verify the information by requesting to see a copy of the kashrut certification . Kashrut may change or certain private kashrut may not be acceptable to you so please verify before eating at an establishment. We do not vouch for the accuracy of the information submitted to the database.